Senior Back End Developer

Date Posted: 8 days ago

Diskripsi Pekerjaan

Design and develop solutions for web services

Write code that can be well designed, testable, and efficient using the best software development practices

Collect, improve specifications, requirements based on technical needs

Design, implement, and optimize relational & non-relational databases

Can create, manage software documentation.

Responsible for maintaining, expanding, scaling up our applications

Work together with Product Team to design, develop and implement complex features

Self-organize under scrum methodology to collaborate and deliver features to customers

Implement features with a strong awareness of Reliability, Scalability, and Security

Mentor and collaborate with other backend engineers

Perform regular Code Reviews

Create, Plan, and Execute Initiatives that align with the company's goals
Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering (Computer, Telecommunication), Engineering (Electrical, Electronic, Mechatronic), or Mathematics.

At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position

Proficient in OOP, SQL, Functional Programming is a plus

Have experience of using some RDBMS especially MySQL and PostgreSQL

Experience working in frameworks such as Laravel, Express, NestJS, or its derivatives

Familiar with some build and deployment tools like Jenkins

Experience in using and maintaining some web application server like Apache, NGINX, etc, is a plus point

Experience with creating API based web app with proper authentications

Experience and understanding in implementing automated testing(unit testing and integration testing)

Knowledge of version control systems such as Git or BitBucket, branching mechanism, pull request

A commitment to writing understandable, maintainable, and reusable software

Systematic problem diagnosis, creative problem-solving skills, strong willingness to grow

Able to design and understand ERDs and execute complex feature

Able to mentor and collaborate effectively with other Engineer

Strong understanding of good programming principles, architecture, and Design Patterns

High awareness on Reliability, Security, Performance, and Scalability on Feature level

Familiar with agile software development and its respective tools

Experience working for SaaS or B2B company is a plus

Willing to work flexitime

Willing to work at Sunter Jakarta Utara

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